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Client Testimonials

Replacing my IT support with BITS has been a very good business decision. BITS has been there working through my periodic email problems and addressing the underlying issues that my previous IT support was unable to do. He is knowledgeable and helpful with all my IT needs, including migrating and managing my website.
It has been a pleasure to just make a quick call and my printer is back in proper working order, my various software products are working as they are supposed to, my internet browser functions properly, and my backup is running again.
These are just a few thing comes to mind when I think about services provided by BITS. All my frustrations with my computer related problems disappeared and now I am fully able to focus on running my business. I highly recommend BITS to any business for IT support.

Irene Zelterman
Hearthside Care Coordinators

I called Otto and my problem was fixed. It really was that simple. When you are running a business you can't afford to have your computer systems down. You really can't afford to risk the security of your information, or your bank accounts for that matter. Otto knows business and he's a technical expert at what every business owner needs- secure and fully functioning computer systems. I wholeheartedly recommend him.

Tanya Detrick
All Write Resources

My wife was frantic because she was unable to access the internet on our home computer for several days. She had contacted our internet provider (Cablevision) as well as Linksys because Cablevision told her it was the modem causing the problem not them. Neither of them could resolve the problem. My wife believed it was our "lousy" computer and it needed to be replaced!
I had just met Otto at a Gotham Network group that I Co-Chair in Stamford. I called him to see if he could possibly help. He told me, "of course, no problem". Believing it was worth seeing if the problem could be resolved without having to buy a new computer, I decided to go home and have Otto call me.
After 2 hours on the phone, Otto finally was able to get the internet back up and running, working remotely, as he said he would. My wife was happy; she could go back to using "Facebook" "Skyping" with our grandchildren and accessing her email.
Only because of his technological knowledge, patience, and indefatigable determination he got the problem resolved.

Steve Kirschner
Premier Energy Auction

Over the 12 years I have been in business, Otto has been there to address every need we ever encountered. As we grew, he suggested computer needs specific for my business, installed needed software, provided troubleshooting, addressed potential security threats, put necessary and appropriate back up in place, added layered security, and resolved all the problems that frustrated the business.

Katalin Goencz

P.S.: Yes, he is my husband, but as you can see from all the certifications after his name, he is also "wicked smart.